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  • Holeg Spies: Supramyth
    (Liquid Sound Design/Cinetiks|2021|UK)

  • Holeg Spies & Jaia: Rain

  • Savage & Spies: The Human Centipede (First Sequence) vinyl
    (AMS/Six Entertainment|2021|IT/NL)


  • Holeg Spies with Thierry Gotti: Uban Resilience
    (Liquid Sound Design/Big Life|2021|UK)

  • Holeg Spies with Mona Soyoc: One of the Kind (Heckle cover)

  • Holeg Spies with Tim Schuldt: Asylum


  • Holeg Spies with Rip Van Hippy: Face the Strange


  • Savage & Spies: Open Land


  • Deedrah & Holeg Spies: Sunrise


  • Jaia & Holeg Spies: Discode


  • Jaia & Holeg Spies: Wat Hex


  • Savage & Spies: Hex


  • Holeg Spies: Axis Mundi


  • Savage & Spies: Le Chemin des Juifs


  • Savage & Spies: The Road to Freedom Peak


  • Holeg Spies - Jaia - Thierry Gotti : Nightrun


  • Disa vs Olowex: Beautiful Ones


  • Savage & Spies: The Outsider


  • Savage & Spies: Dead End


  • Savage & Spies: Purple Heather


  • Vedama & Spies: Photonic


  • Savage & Spies: Stolen Light


  • Savage & Spies: American Maniacs


  • Ariel Electron - Holeg Spies - Thierry Gotti: Kore Kosmou


  • Holeg Spies: The Flute is Calling


  • Holeg Spies: Best of 2000-2010


  • Holeg Spies: Silicon Bodies for a Plastic World


  • Holeg Spies: Tanz-Demokratur
    (Cinetiks/Mechanical Dragon|2007|UK/HK)


  • Holeg Spies & Von Magnet: SUVMI
    (Cinetiks/Celestial Dragon|2006|UK/HK)


  • Holeg Spies & Von Magnet: Shape your Shade
    (Cinetiks/ThisCo/Celestial Dragon|2006|FR/PT/HK)


  • Holeg Spies: Lost in Darkness


  • Spies: Notinism re-edition and remixes


  • Holeg & The Spies: Reality Drift


  • Holeg & The Spies: God is not Goth


  • Spies: Notinism


  • Spies: Notinista


  • Spies: Wide Shot


  • Spies: Psychosis


  • Spies: Ceremoniak


  • Karmic Energies: Equal & Surpass


  • Karmic Energies: Born to be wild


  • Karmic Energies: Bonobo


  • Holeg & LorenX: Holegator

   Exclusive releases & Remixes

  • Olowex: I am Electronic remix for Empirion


  • Holeg Spies: Interleaved remix for Midimiliz/Extrawelt
    (Boshke Beats|2008|ES)


  • Holeg Spies & Osho: Leaving the streets of L.A


  • Holeg Spies & Osho: Hands of Time


  • Holeg Spies: Escape the 80's remix for Signal Electrique


  • Spies: Sogno d'oro remix for Red Eyes Express


  • Holeg Spies: Lost in Darkness remix for BakXIII


  • Holeg Spies & Tim Schuldt: Living Entity
    (Sonic Motion|2006|FR)


  • The Star Shrink Shooters: LIS
    (Mechanical Dragon|2006|HK)


  • Holeg Spies: Surface Tension remix for Implant/Anne Clark
    (Alfa Matrix|2005|BE)


  • Holeg & MJ12: Artificial Paradise
    (Maniac IQ|2005|JP)


  • Holeg Spies: Flore in Love remix for Von Magnet


  • Holeg Spies: Morirme remix for Von Magnet
    (Von Magnet|2003|FR)


  • Spies: Reminiscence
    (Eros Music|2003|GR)


  • Holeg & The Spies: God is not Goth
    (Music of the Sphere/Universal|2003|JP)


  • Spies: Instead Of


  • Spies: Instead Of


  • Spies: Nine remix for Implant


  • Spies: Les Ailes du désir


  • Spies: Les Ailes du désir Tim Schuldt remix


  • Spies: Nine


  • Spies: Inorganic Being edit


  • Spies: Spiratual


  • Spies: Inorganic Being


  • Spies: Re-Struct remix for EON Project


  • Puma-Tron: Cat Scan


  • Karmic Energies: Psychosis


  • Karmic Energies: No Compromise


  • Karmic Energies: Bonobo


  • Karmic Energies: Born to be wild


  • Karmic Energies: Equal & Surpass


  • Karmic Energies: Tapovan


  • Karmic Energies: MCPA


  • Karmic Energies: Tapovan



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