Based between Los Angeles, London and Paris, the unique collaboration between classical composer and violinist Patrick Savage & electronica guru Holeg Spies is best known for the modern cult classic, THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE, Brian A. Miller's thriller, THE OUTSIDER starring James Caan and Jason Patric and most recently Rudolf Buitendachʼs APARTMENT 407 (formerly Selling Isobel), a  powerful, biographical drama awarded at Raindance, 2016. In 2018, they joined the jury members of the Music & Sound Awards alongside Oscar winner Mychael Danna.

Between them, they have also contributed their musical talents to THE LORD OF THE RINGS, HITCHER, HUGO and a string of other major films and games.

"There is nothing better than working with composers that match your vision and elevate it to the next level"

Brian A.Miller (THE OUTSIDER starring James Caan - THE PRINCE starring Bruce Willis)

"With great creative symbiosis this international team combos multiple tendencies & styles. I am a big fan of Savage & Spies"


ghost in the shell
ghost in the shell