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Grunge Texture

"There's nothing better than working with composers that match your vision and elevate it to the next level." Brian A. Miller (Dir. of The Outsider)

"With great creative symbiosis this international team combos multiple tendencies & styles. I am a big fan of Savage & Spies."

Patrick Tatopoulos (Dir. of Underword: Rise of the Lycans)

"Think Yin & Yang. Think Jekyll & Hyde. Darkly lyrical, mysterious, beautifully hair-raising." Patrick Cotton (Journalist)

​Based between Los Angeles, Sydney, London and Paris, the iconoclastic composer duo SAVAGE & SPIES was introduced to movie goers through their bone-chilling score to the cult horror, THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE (FIRST SEQUENCE).

Recently the unique duo scored Sophia Banks' action-thriller, BLACK SITE from the producers of SICARIO and JOHN WICK, and the animated fantasy ABRUPTIO, featuring Oscar-winner Jordan Peele.

They’ve brought their dark lyrical and mysterious sound world to film, television and video games titles from around the world, notably to the James Caan title, THE OUTSIDER, and the multi-award-winning, APARTMENT 407 (aka SELLING ISOBEL).

​With their long history of close creative collaboration with top British musicians, their scores have routinely featured some of the greatest recording artists working today. The Savage & Spies duo unites two dramatically different music-makers:

Australian-British composer and musician, PATRICK SAVAGE, is one of Britain's finest classical violinists - a former Principal with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra with an international career in classical music.


HOLEG SPIES is one of France's greatest exponents of electronica music - an artist and music producer whose pioneering work in European indie music fused ancient tribal spiritual voices with modern technology. Spies unique style has been described as "unbridled, eclectic, destabilizing." (Elegy magazine - France)


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